One of a kind adventure experience of Laser Tag fun in Michigan. Inspired by “Mesozoic Era: Age of the Dinosaurs” in geometric shapes. Designed for all kids, teens, parents, families, school groups, corporation & organizations.

7D Interactive Cinema Is A Motion Chair, Dimensional Movie, Effects & Interaction Gun. Your Sit In A Motion Chair, Shoot A Whatever Is The Subject Of The Movie, And Enjoy The Lights, Sounds, And Unexpectedly Short Experience.

This activity is fun for the whole family. Adults, teens, and kids can enjoy driving the cars.

The area is customized to allow you to twist and spin around while Bumping for Fun!





There are two Different Playground:

Toddlers Zone designed for children age 1 through 3 

Playground designed for children ages 4 through 12

Over 50 Arcade Machines for all ages; including Redemption games where you can play to win, and Non Redemption games where you play for fun.


Come discover our exclusive Virtual Reality games and enjoy the most immersive VR experience …

Designed for Adults who love playing pool table, Ping Pong, Foos-table, Darts, and more. Parents can enjoy their times with their friends or playing with their youth kids who are 12 years old & Up… 





Sing, Record & Share Karaoke.

Enjoy Automated Karaoke Sing & record experience, Emails recordings, photos and short video to the vocal performer or others, uploads & shares on the Web.

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