Up to 8 Drivers

This activity is fun for the whole family. Adults, teens, and kids can enjoy driving the cars.

The area is customized to allow you to twist and spin around while Bumping for Fun!


Player Rules:

Minimum H

Minimum Height Requirement: 

44 Inches

Max W

Maximum Weight Per Car:

275 Pounds

No Food

No Food, Drinks, Sweet or Gum allowed on the ride.

Driver Guidelines:

  • Driver must remain seated at all times in an upright position with back against the seat-back. Keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside car at all times.
  • Driver must keep hands on steering levers at all times.
  • Driver must have the ability to hold and move the steering levers.
  • Driver must wear the safety restraint at all times and make sure to keep shoulder strap on while vehicle is moving. 
  • Driver must be able to operate all controls while securely in the restraint.
  • Driver must be able to place feet on the footrest and keep them there during the ride.
  • Driver must be able to fit in the seat with restraint place over them.
  • Driver must remain seated until the operator dismisses.
  • Driver must have the ability to enter and exit the kart on their own.
  • Drivers using a wheelchair must transfer themselves from the wheelchair onto the ride. Our ride operators do not have the specialized training to load and unload rides who need assistance.

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